Материалы к открытыму уроку по теме «SCHOOL» в 5 классе.

«VI. Активизация ЛE по теме «School»

Game №1

I’ll name the words. If you hear the words on the topic «School», you raise your hands.

Parents                                                Education                                    holidays

Enjoy                                                   remember                                   beautiful

History                                                 walkman                                     form

Difficult                                               break                                           act out



Make up the words and write down your time table!

For yesterday                                        For today                                    For tomorrow

Technology                                           Maths                                         Maths

Russian                                                  Russian                                      P.E.

Maths                                                     Maths                                        Russian

Russian                                                  History                                       History

English                                                   P.E.                                            English

Art                                                                                                             Music

Who has the timetable for today? Yes, well done!


Game №3

What is our school like? Work in groups and finish up my sentences.

-       I like to go …...

-       My school is.....

-       My favourite subjects are.....

-       We read.......

-       I am happy.......

-       There are desks, …...

Are you ready ?  Please,  start.

Thank you.

Game № 4

So, most of you like to go to school. And now tell me what else you like to do at school, at the lessons, during the break.  Look at the screen, choose the answer you like most of all and make up a sentence. Work in groups!

-       We learn new words at the lesson.

-       We run and jump between the desks during the break.

-       We draw funny pictures during the break.

-       We ask a lot of questions at the lesson.

Draw at the blackboard! Run! Jump!

VII. Физкультминутка.

You are athletic. It is time to have a rest. Stand up, please.

-       Lets do the exercise together!»

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